SHAD RUN, ALBIES, and STRIPERS 1. We guide from both a 20 foot Key West center console boat as well as a 16 foot Grumman BMF Aluminum boat — both are custom built with casting decks both fore and aft. The Key West has SIDEVIEW, DOWNSCAN with CHIRP Technology for locating fish as well as state of the art Doppler Radar as we just have to see at night. The radar comes in handy as we rarely get off the river before dark.

Large Mouth and Snake Heads  – we guide from the 16 foot Grumman  – as we can tuck into shallow rocky areas to make the casting shots closer without the worry of damaging the plastic boat.

Smallies – For above the Great Falls to Harpers Ferry we use a 15 foot Northwest River Supply (NRS) white water raft with an aircraft aluminum exoskeleton, fore and aft casting platforms and seats, dry boxes, expanded coolers and much more – by far the biggest and most tricked out raft on the river.

For close in local shots or while floating the raft we stop the boat and wade by foot to exlcusive hot spots – of course we have all the wading gear you would need for those spooky weedy wades at night.